Earthly Shifts ~ Letting Go, Resolve, Rebirth


~ Weekly Ascension Lessons ~
The process of planetary and human ascension, an entire planetary shifting, will undoubtedly bring forth change and geographical shifting. All shifts that Gaia is processing, that Gaia is moving through are the natural processing and integration of what occurs with us at a human level when we activate DNA, integrate expansive thought forms, or initiate a healing.  
We are One in this way, and each one of us activate and initiate our own healing’s, we can allow for this wisdom in all that IT is when IT unfolds; whether it be an Akashic release, or a new and grand visualization from the Divine, allow for the grace within to wash through you. To wash, to cleanse, to release, and transform the depth of every cell, and reprogram heightened cellular wisdom whereas density, fear, and limitation once lived.  You are a master of light and this is why you are here. 
I have had many visions and dreams of earthquakes, deep shiftings within Gaia’s crust and her showing me the transformations she is experiencing.  As a visionary, I often question; is this a prediction, or a precognition, or is this my consciousness showing me my fears?  My higher aspects allow me to understand; ‘there are shifting and deep resolve within Gaia happening and unfolding in every minute, are there not?’ I respond, ‘yes, of course.’ My Divine Higher Self then asks; ‘what part of that visualization and dream held fear and trepidation and why, what are you hanging on to and what resonance are your holding within it?’  ‘Wow.’  I get it. I am deepening the essence of Divine Inner peace and similitude with God and Creation, and centre within my knowingness I am God essence and all is well.
I am writing this not as an absolute prediction of what may unfold, but to inspire those that so desire to go within and deepen their own mastery to see where we as a collective, hold on to fears, illusions, and conditions upon our daily unfolding. For this is mastery and how deep we are able to go within and release, cleanse, and clear the residue of collective energetic imprints that have held us in density for eons.  
We are forever being communicated to, as we are constantly communicating to Creation. The consciousness webbing is the infinite. We are sewn within this, and it is up to each of us to create purposefully and innate within a vibration that is centered and purely aligned within our unique center point, not that which is being fed, or shown to us. We are constantly shifting, and evolving, and being reborn, however it is the ‘big shifts’ that seem to remind us of other timelines and we fall back within old ego-patterns of fear and devastation.  This is a mastery time of alignment dear ones, and how the essence of love and centre balance within the Divine sacred Heart for It is the way and the path to All paths you have designed in higher order and alignment to your destined joy.
Fear not dear ones, for there are teams and councils ready in moments of our awakening to be guided to peace and inner stillness. There are eternal depths of love and life in all things, in all moments, with all beings, and we are never separate or detached from anything, or anyone. Separation, fear, and limitation, or destruction is only held within the perspective, attitude, or energy that we feed into it.  
In any one moment, I can feel my consciousness preparing me and allowing me to ‘let go’ of fear, ‘let go’ of the density that the ‘unknown,’ ‘let go’ of what my ego-mind has created and co-created may occur, or may unfold, and how we are not the designers of the moment of transition, or Gaia shifts; surrender within love and Divine perfection.
Know that all shifts, all moments of change, all moments of what the social media and news may label as ‘cataclysms,’ however it is up to each of us to claim our own meaning, claim our own innate essence within love, within the creating of love, and the creating of our own image and picture within It.  There is always purity, always Divine design, and Divine clarity in all things, in all moments.  

cheering woman open arms to sunrise at sea

Divine design and reality birthing of a new dimensional potential. The depths of you, the sovereignty of getting to the truth of you, is key, as we talked about in our live show yesterday in which this time of year, 11 month of mastery, is one that you allow with your pure will and intent to choose alignment with the path of what you desire in the name and light of love. And all unfolding’s are Divine, Sacred, and pure within potentials of Heavenly design.
Stand within the centre of light, purity of truth in your inner knowing and purity of love that guides you in all things;
To practice being within the essence of Liquid Light
* Let go of attachments and density of structure, rigidity, must have’s, or have to’s.
* Seek the God, see the God, know the God in all moments, in all beings, in all life and let go of what our view, or our perspective, wants or needs are for any other; for all paths are unique, all paths are required, and all paths are sovereign unto itself. This is true allowance and sovereignty and one of a parents most profound lessons in expansiveness.
* Let go of anger, resentment, fear of loosing someone or something, bring resolve, compassion, forgiveness to any situation that arises and you will sense your own Higher Truth unveil within.
* Let go of the outcome – Surrender within your Higher Will, the higher will of God, is knowing that All is Perfect and Divine as God see’s fit, and we are to emanate love, light, and joy, excitement, and how it all unfolds will be Divinely perfectly. Limiting any one thing, or event as an absolute only limits the potentials of God and the consciousness of Creation to live through you and deliver even greater outcomes. We are to infuse excitement, love, light, unconditional trust, and knowing ALL IS WELL.
* Your Higher Will will always be aligned with Gods Higher Will, Higher Will is the Highest and best for the All That Is, the Win/Win for the All and the ALL may be served. 
* You are able to create and remember your Divine Sovereignty and clear the way to a new earthly potential –> new thought, new potentials, new re-birth –> the Unknown awaits our surrender within it.
* You are being ushered within surrender with God, in all ways, we will see and sense our alignment and Oneness with love and the Divine.
Be Love
Seek Love
Speak Love
Steward Love
For you are, and so it is.
You are the Divine perfection of ‘Purity of Love,’
Here is the link for Universal Unity on November 4, 2017…attached is also the banner…
Blessings and great joy,