Why this Earthly~Human Experience is so Utterly Profound!



Seasons greetings dear lighted ones,
What a special solstice event that we had yesterday and reminded me how truly blessed, lucky, and treasured we are to have chosen this profound human journey.

We often get caught up in the myriad ‘busy-ness & bustling’ of our daily lives; oftentimes missing, oftentimes forgetting that our grandest awakening is how truly special, profound, and delicious this physical~spiritual destiny is within the whole of Creation and how truly required, needed, and special each of you, us, we all are to the unfolding of how Divinely illuminated we are able to create it to be.

We are each encoded with unique gifts, skills, knowledge, abilities and for the very purpose to assist in our entire omni-verse to evolve that has never been experienced or expressed in quite this way ever before. Now are you sensing the profundity of your every thought to create, to release what no longer serves, and to truly and simply just love! Within love there is all healing. Within love there is all wisdom. Within love there is all expansiveness, and therefore why not just simply love?


This is our human role and purpose to bring forth our Universality to an earthly physical life potential and in doing so, we allow our Universal family and friends the energetic gateway to commune, celebrate, and be One with us in our evolutionary journey to reunify with Creation. We are not the only life in our galaxy, in our omni presence and it is this form of limitation that keeps the miraculous from entering into any potential.

You are here are you not? Are there not miraculous moments that keep showing you how truly Divine and synchronistic the orchestration of God, of life, of love truly is? Creation is whispering; ‘wake up, there is a miracle about to occur; are you ready?’  Are you ready? You are worthy of this Divine human spiritual ride. Dig in, and let’s celebrate this journey of awakening, this journey of love, and co-create a Divinely liberated earthly experience.  We are worthy of a peaceful and harmonious experience; and this I know to be true.

Never underestimate your Divine Creator~hood! You are here to walk within your light and know in doing so, in your state of centred beingness, creative Godly expression, you are walking the ascended earth.

Walk in grace about you. Walk in graciousness about Gaia and all of her Divine offerings, and the infinite aspects of life vying for your attention, your loving entanglement, and your readiness to open to love and offer it in. There is nothing that beyond our reach to create, to heal, to inspire and transcend and it is only within the limitations and beliefs that we allow greed, control, and fear to rule the day.  Drop to your Divine Sacred Heart; take joy within a deep full-body breath, and activate with pure self-honour to entangle and inspire God particles within to move with you in a new way of behaving, a new way to engage, and tune in to life all around you, within you, and ready to dance this Divine unfathomable dance of light and ever-lasting love.

Within breath, within the stillness and presence within it, there is the grace that is you. Divinely gifted, divinely encoded unique to you, and within this there is all possibilities within the All. An omni-presence through which you exist, through which all alchemic potentials sit within an unmanifested state of readiness for you to lovingly command it into being. Breathe this in and own your birthright to live the ascended earth now. Breathe and be still, be silent, be ready for your profundity to awaken the depths and widths of your wisdom and knowledge to flow forth through you and create what has never been seen, heard, or experienced thus far in our human journey.


Are you feeling the profundity of you? Are you sensing the profundity of what resides within you ready to wash over all limitation that has ever held you back in self-doubt, fear, and lack of? You came here for this co-creative blessing. You were sent through space and time to ignite light, ignite love, ignite the remembrance of Oneness, of undeniable love and Universal belonging and there will come a moment in which your Divine discontent will transcend all obstacles in your love to experience the love of All that you are.

Blessings and great joy and much love to all our sacred soul tribe family and Universal friends and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and in all moments, your Divine soul path is unfolding perfectly. Trust in your Divine plan, trust in your state of readiness to create and allow the Heavens to flow through you and anchor within a new crystalline earthly human potential. For this is truly a profound ride and exactly why you are reading this, why you are listening to this, and how the Omni-presence is within it All to arrive in this way and stir something anew.


God is perfection within the All, and awakening is truly allow the love of God, the partnership with such Divine grace to come to life within and allow it to flow without. We are, God is, the All is, Divine perfect and in this we create through loving ourselves as unconditionally as the Heavens do for each of us. Love is. God is. You are. We are. Creation is. One.