When All Along….the Gift is Me.


Greetings dear lighted ones,
Are you allowing for the celebration and moments of purity of joy of self as we end off the last few days of the year? Are you soaking within the elements of design that you are, that you have offered to Creation, to humanity, as you being you. Perfect in this now moment, and what this passion of being you, within this human ride can allow you to feel, know, sense, experience, and co-create?

There is an eternal and infinite joy in all that you are ~ profoundly you!

This past live ascension global show was one of my most favourite sacred weekly gathering of Divine soul tribe throughout our cosmos * Etheric chamber energy & vibrational healing, offering; Topics ‘Passion of the Human Experience’ ‘Crystalline Children & Empowering Passion of Self’

img_3265Any dimensional incarnation, any realm, any star system, any planet, we are in all moments to remember, embrace, and express with joy the depths, the richness, the uniqueness of all that we are in any one moment the expression of the Divine.

To explore, to experience, to express and be in joy expressing the Divine through us in any one moment and to know in doing so, in the joy of doing so, we expand within the All. For this is one of our most grandest lessons; not to know it all, or figure it all out, for it is an eternal ride and so too will be all that we can learn and embody during this rich journey.

Our remembrance of awakening and living as the ‘gift’ that we are and sent forth as to create in the name of the Divine and Heavenly Mother Father.


I recently had a profound experience, a beautiful Christmas Day gift and in which I was reminded by my higher self; through the blessings of the Divine; ‘when all along, the gift is me. The journey to unveil, to know, to seek, to know anew me is the GIFT. It is the blessing, it is the expression of the Divine sent forth; every individuation; a GIFT!

Here is one of our years most intuitively special podcast about this Divinely passionate expression and co-creation and how our weekly gathering, our sacred soul tribe gatherings are so very key to the threading of our human collective, our entire human behaviours as a collective to take into new chapters, new stories of oneness, self-loving, and Divinely threaded within the ALL.

There are so many self-manifested illusions that we are here to break free from & truly create in wholeness, Oneness, eternal lighted knowing; the truth is, for each of us is unique in its unveiling; ‘When All Along, I am the Gift.’  In this season of giving, receiving, and being mindful of our oneness, our unity, our harmonic joy in All that Is, know that you are a blessing, a gift, and a Divine essence of profound magnitude sent forth to evolve, to explore, to examine, and be in joy while doing, being so.   Celebrate dear gift of God. Celebrate!

May you always be blessed in this experiential gift of being you!

Joy and light,